Hence, accurate fitting is a must. Two Channel Fold Flat Adjustable Child-Adult Size Universal Rear Entertainment System Infrared Headphones offer you excellent sound quality. RF 900MHz Headphones … The distortion produces vibrations in different parts of the ear, which further trigger impulses that interpret by our brain in the form of different sounds. IR headphones are available in both single as well as dual channel. User rating, 3 out of 5 stars with 10 reviews. The softly padded earpieces make the Two Channel Fold Flat Adjustable Child-Adult Size Universal Rear Entertainment System Infrared Headphones comfortable and pain-free to wear. Thus, if you are looking for investing in quality audio, the ideal choice would be investing in some particular studio headphones that come with aptx technology. If you need them close, this might be your top choice. The said product has a battery-saving headphone with a custom bag and additional sharing jack, which requires 2 AAA batteries that further provides up to 20 hours. Sony, as a brand has excelled in providing excellent quality in their products, and with these IR headphones, your musical experience goes on notch up. Also, to ensure that the headphones doesn’t give pain to its user the product has a comfortable soft padded fit earpiece, and its adjustable headbands fit almost all size of heads and provide enjoyment to the user for as many hours as he wants. The wireless IR headphones are quite trendy these days. Dual Channel IR Headphone Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; HP-22IRT. SKU: 8929565. There is no need for programming, and one can simply switch on your EinCar headphones, thereby connecting to your car’s music entertainment system by itself. It has to be no other headphones than IR wireless headphones. Bravo View Single-Source IH-05A Automotive IR headphones are best when you want to enjoy your movie, songs, videos from your mobile system during a road trip. The sound quality of the Wiscon Auto supply headphones is just amazing and tremendous. RF waves travel … InfraRed technology is not only limited to connecting the device with the headphones without wire or cord. Coming to the workings of the IR headphones, it consists of a quite simple process based on meek technical concepts. Yes, be it your car, home or even while you are traveling, this IR headphones from Simolio are sure to take you to the next level of entertainment. Therefore, it has a volume control system which makes it easy for a user, it also has a new feature of mute push button so the user can easily disable the sound in case of any important work. It works in a range of 30 Hz-20 Hz. They are not only unaffected by any radio transmissions but also produce an excellent sound which is similar to any high-quality wireless or wired headsets. Music runs in the blood of people, and it is said that music can heal an individual through its power. The IR headphones come with numerous usage feature which allows you to use it along with various other devices such as flip-down monitors, TVs, car headrest, car TV, and DVD players having infrared functions. Buying Key Audio products one can assure the quality as well as everything one needs in headphones, as per the prescribed standards and quality. Key Audio is very professional and passionate about the kind of work and services they provide. The product for comforting the user’s ears has softly padded earpieces with an adjustable headband that ensures a comfortable fit for hours and do not spoil the fun of listening for the user.